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My Top 10 Highlights From Ordinary Superpowers

Every so often, I write a book review. Not your traditional 500 word, hope-I-get-an-A book review we all did in junior high, but MY kind of book review — the top 10 quotes I lit up with my super florescent yellow highlighter.

I just finished The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. I read half of it on New Year’s Eve 2016 and the other half on New Year’s Day 2017. It’s funny that such a short book should take me two years to read, ha ha!

Your Future Doesn’t Really Exist

Have you ever wanted to see into the future? I think most of us would like to see the future (at the very a few days worth of winning lottery numbers, right?). So when I ask if you’ve ever wanted to see into THE future, I mean YOUR future.

You know you can, right?

No? Don’t think so? Hang on. You might in a minute.