Weekly inspirational thoughts from our founder and chief imagination officer, Mark Henson.

Got a rock in your shoe?

Got a Rock in Your Shoe?

It’s funny how such a little thing could derail my productivity, effectiveness, and enjoyment. I always think it’s the giant boulders in my path that really slow me down, when in reality those little obstacles can be just as debilitating to my pursuit of a superpowered life as the big ones are.

The Words “Died Unexpectedly” Always Do This to Me

When applied to someone you know, the words “died unexpectedly” have a unique power to reach into your heart and instantly shred it into a thousand tiny pieces.

Those words double as an unwelcome, but much needed catalyst for self evaluation.

Half the Information + Double the Action

Do you ever get overwhelmed by the massive amount of information that is thrown in front of your face and crammed into your head every day? I do, too. Here’s what I’m doing about it.

These are Everyone's Greatest superpowers

These are EVERYONE’S Greatest Superpowers

All of your superpowers are always with you, but the ones that have the most impact are usually the ones you use proactively and with purpose.

Are You a Hosta or a Tulip? Decide.

I admit, I sometimes get jealous of the attention others receive. Here’s a little lesson from nature that’s helping me maintain a healthier perspective.

Newsflash: I’m Not Perfect (Shocker, I know)

Can I share with you my biggest struggle in life? It’s feeling the need to present a rather perfect image while knowing that my life is nowhere near perfect.

What's Your Future Story?

Your Future Doesn’t Really Exist

Have you ever wanted to see into the future? I think most of us would like to see the future (at the very a few days worth of winning lottery numbers, right?). So when I ask if you’ve ever wanted to see into THE future, I mean YOUR future.

You know you can, right?

No? Don’t think so? Hang on. You might in a minute.

Alcohol Free Life

This is by Far the Best Thing I’ve Ever Done for My Health

Now that I’m focused more and more on living a superpowered life, the benefits of an alcohol-free life have taken on a whole new level of importance.

THE Secret to Writing a Book

The Secret to Writing a Book (or Taking on ANY Big Project, Really)

Ok, I don’t really have THE secret to writing a book or taking on big projects, but I will share with you MY secret.