Positive change. It’s highly desired, but hard to achieve. So how do you achieve it? Better yet, how do you create it?

It all starts when you unleash the potential of your Ordinary Superpowers — the talents and skills that create the most positive difference in your life, the lives of others, and the world around you. When you discover and maximize these powers, you will start a ripple effect of improvement in all aspects of your life, including career, family, community, and more.

This book will help you identify your most powerful natural talents and create a plan to use your powers with intention and purpose. By the way, your most powerful talents may not be what you think they are…


Ordinary Superpowers is the origin story of your new, superpowered life.

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What People Are Saying

I recently presented at a team event in which myself and the whole team had read this. It was a FANTASTIC to listen to people share their own super powers. Maybe even MORE helpful was the fact that we knew what others power were and now can better understand team dynamics, strengths and how we can all work better to showcase our superpowers. Highly recommend this for team-building, team inspiring, or looking to create a better performing or productive team.Jon Petz, motivational speaker and author of Boring Meetings Suck and Significance in Simple Moments.

Mark Henson reminds us of the incredible power that lies within us all. His examples and stories are inspiring, thought-provoking and undoubtedly lead to action. I’m grateful for his words and work that shines a light on the ordinary ways we all impact the world each day. I’m excited to share this book with others and so glad that Mark has unleashed his Superpowers with this book!Jason Barger, internationally acclaimed author of Step Back From the Baggage Claim, Remember, and Thermostat Cultures
The majority of books about reaching your potential love to shout – “You are amazing! You are great! You are powerful!” Yet they fail to say how to discover them or help us locate them in our lives. Other books seem to be written only for the spectacularly elite. Mark, you have written a book for all of us. it doesn’t matter if we feel amazingly average, you make it clear how to locate the source of our superpowers and how to use them every day to benefit others. Thank you!Paul B. Evans, Achievement Accelerator and contributing writer to Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Business Insider, and more.

Henson’s book is an easy read and takes keen & insightful looks into harnessing your own skills in order to ignite them. Very cleverly written, very conversational and will have you saying “Hey, quit reading my mind!”. It’s great. Highly recommended.Benjamin Smith, Amazon customer

I loved Ordinary Superpowers! It was easy to read, engaging, and had the perfect amount of comic relief. After reading this book you come to realize that what seems natural and ordinary to you, is actually a superpower to those around you.Leah Senecal, customer service professional

Ordinary Superpowers is inspiring, motivating, fun and incredibly actionable. You read it and want to do the activities right away.Holly Harper, marketing director

Amazing book! Really love the way it is written, easy to read and gets your ordinary superpowers out in the open! — S. Dixon, Amazon customer

This is a smart, funny, and engaging read that honestly helped me focus in on what I’m “super” at in my life, and how to harness that power.Harris Atha-Simonton, meeting planner