Superpower Sunday #15: Nobody’s Perfect (No Matter What They Look Like on Facebook)

If you’ve ever felt like your life just doesn’t compare to all those “perfect” people you see all around you, watch this.

These are Everyone's Greatest superpowers

These are EVERYONE’S Greatest Superpowers

All of your superpowers are always with you, but the ones that have the most impact are usually the ones you use proactively and with purpose.

Are You a Hosta or a Tulip? Decide.

I admit, I sometimes get jealous of the attention others receive. Here’s a little lesson from nature that’s helping me maintain a healthier perspective.

Newsflash: I’m Not Perfect (Shocker, I know)

Can I share with you my biggest struggle in life? It’s feeling the need to present a rather perfect image while knowing that my life is nowhere near perfect.