life is a blank canvas

This week I have a super bold challenge for you. It is about as counter-intuitive and counter-culture as it can be. It is also perhaps the most challenging challenge in the history of challenges. And potentially the most rewarding. Here it is:

Don’t. Do. Anything.

Don’t set any goals.

Don’t make any new year’s resolutions.

Don’t promise yourself or anyone else anything.

Not yet.

Instead, start this new year (or any day, really) with a blank canvas, and keep it blank. Rather than immediately filling your brand new canvas with big ideas and long to-do lists, what if you just allowed it to remain crisp and clean and empty for a little while?

Imagine how you would feel if you gave yourself the gift of space?

Space to not have to achieve anything.
Space to not feel such pressure to perform.
Space to remember what having space in your life is like.

I’m not saying to sit on the couch, binge Netflix, and ignore your responsibilities. By all means, go to work, do your job, clean the house, and feed your kids. PLEASE feed your kids.

What I AM saying is that maybe, just maybe, we have gotten so busy and distracted as a world that we have forgotten what space feels like. And unless we intentionally make room for space, we’ll never get it back.

“Make room for space” sounds funny, doesn’t it? We have to make space for, well, nothing. It’s true, though. Space always exists, patiently waiting for us to make room for it. And yet, we rarely push the pause button long enough to give space any room whatsoever on our canvas. We’ve always got too much to paint and too little canvas.

How long should you push the pause button before you start to fill up your canvas? I don’t know. How much space do you need?

Figure that out.

Then, take at least that much. Maybe double it.

What will you do with the extra space once you get it?

That last one, by the way, is a trick question. If you answered it, you may have missed the whole point.

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