Weekly inspirational thoughts from our founder and chief imagination officer, Mark Henson.

Fear is a Liar

Fear is a Liar

Commit to learning the truth about fear when you’re not afraid. Then you can believe it, tuck it away in your brain, and call up the truth the next time fear tries to manipulate you.

Mexico Mission Trip 2018

What I Learned on My First Mission Trip

While I was there, I called it a long, fast week. But the week was over before I knew it. And somewhere along the way we built a house and so much more.

Spread Love and Magic

How To Spread Love and Magic

The world needs more love and magic. Here’s a story about how two people touched my life in a simple, yet powerful way this week — and they had no idea how much it would mean to me.

You've Got This

The Next Right Thing

It’s a lot easier to figure out the next small right step than to determine the big picture right outcome. And it’s a lot easier to take the next tiny right step with each successive right step I take.

3 Pieces of Baggage That Are Dragging Your Team Down

There are three pieces of baggage that your team is very likely dragging around every day. Here’s a quick summary of what these “pieces of baggage” look like and how you might set them down and leave them behind once and for all.

Ever Find Yourself in a River of Poo?

One thing I know for sure: you haven’t truly lived until you discover four inches of sewer poop water in your basement on a Friday night. 

one year left

You’ve Got One Year

Funny what happens when you give yourself some space. Interesting things start presenting themselves, makin’ you think about weird stuff. Like dying.

Life is a blank canvas

A super bold challenge for 2018…

This week I have a super bold challenge for you. It is about as counter-intuitive and counter-culture as it can be. It is also perhaps the most challenging challenge in the history of challenges. And potentially the most rewarding.