Weekly inspirational thoughts from our founder and chief imagination officer, Mark Henson.

surprising traits of successful people

One of the Most Surprising Traits of Successful People

Learn what mega successful people do, emulate that, and you will be mega successful, too. You’ve heard that message before, right? Maybe you believe it. I’m not sure I do anymore.

Protect Your Postitivity

Don’t Forget to Do This While You’re Saving the World

The world is a battlefield right now. So it is more crucial than ever to remember to do this most important thing as you fight to save the world.

The Kryptonite We All Share

This particular form of kryptonite destroys our ability to create positive change by stealing our energy and crippling our Ordinary Superpowers.

ranting on facebook is not your superpower

Ranting on Facebook Is Not Your Superpower

Do you want to create positive change in your life, the lives of others, and the world around you? I guarantee ranting on Facebook is the wrong approach.

what will you focus on this year?

What Will You Focus On This Year?

This past weekend — New Year’s weekend — my Facebook feed was filled with post after negative post that said things like:

“Good riddance, 2016!”
“Can’t wait to leave 2016!”
“2016, you suck.”
“Hang on just a few more hours, Betty White, 2016 is almost over.” (Ok, that last one was pretty funny).

It seemed unanimous that 2016 was the WORST YEAR EVER.


productivity tools and resources

11 of My Favorite Productivity Tools

I always love it when people share their productivity tools. So, I thought we should build a list together! I’ll start with my 11 most favorite tools.

Not one, but TWO neato things to share!

It’s the week before Christmas
and all through the office
everyone is either cramming to get work done
or getting really, really good at Candy Crush.

That’s why I made my post extra special with TWO neato things to share…

Ask Me Anything!

It’s that time of year when I feel like being extra chatty, so ask me a question. Serious or silly. Anything goes.

What Your Superpowers Really Help You Do

The interesting thing about getting clarity about the why is that it also clarifies the who. I can only help others create intentional, positive change who WANT to create intentional, positive change.

Throw Gratitude Out The Window This Year (And Do THIS Instead).

It’s time to take a deep breath. This week seems like the perfect time. It’s Thanksgiving in America after all. It’s a week where we typically pause for at least 30 seconds to be grateful before plowing face first into a gigantic plate of turkey and pumpkin pie.

Personally, I think we need to throw the idea of gratitude out the window this year.

Instead, let’s focus on GREATitude.