Weekly inspirational thoughts from our founder and chief imagination officer, Mark Henson.

Lone-Wolf Personality

Even a Lone-Wolf Personality Needs to Rejoin the Pack Sometimes

I’m a lone wolf personality, but a lone wolf can only accomplish so much on its own. Not to mention, a lone wolf can easily become a lonely wolf.

Make a decision and increase your energy - Mallorca, Spain

Make a Decision and Instantly Increase Your Energy

Make a decision and you will instantly increase your energy. The longer you wait, the more you rob yourself of power. Here’s how I know.

hiking boots rocks in your shoes

Rocks in Your Shoes? Maybe It’s Time To Remove Them.

It’s funny how such a little thing could derail my productivity, effectiveness, and enjoyment. I always think it’s the giant boulders in my path that really slow me down, when in reality those little obstacles can be just as debilitating to my pursuit of a superpowered life as the big ones are.

Sunset behind a tree, a symbol of someone who died unexpectedly

“Died Unexpectedly” – Those Words Always Do This to Me

When applied to someone you know, the words “died unexpectedly” have a unique power to reach into your heart and instantly shred it into a thousand tiny pieces.

Those words double as an unwelcome, but much needed catalyst for self evaluation.

Too Much Information Consumption

Half the Information Consumption + Double the Action

Do you ever get overwhelmed by the massive amount of information that is thrown in front of your face and crammed into your head every day? I do, too. Here’s what I’m doing about it.