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When most authors give away a free chapter of their book, it’s usually the first chapter. That’s nice, but Chapter 1 is never the meat of the content, is it?

I want to give you a chapter you can actually use. I want to give you a chapter that leads to action! Don’t get me wrong, Chapters 1-3 of my book are pretty spectacular, however Chapter 4 is where the real how-to advice begins.

Chapter 4 is where you discover your Ordinary Superpowers.

The rest of the book is full of great stuff, too, like how to Activate, Enhance, and Multiply your Ordinary Superpowers. Read Chapter 4, then when you’re ready, pick up a copy of the book and continue the journey.

About the Book


Positive change. It’s highly desired, but hard to achieve. So how do you achieve it? Better yet, how do you create it?

It all starts when you unleash the potential of your Ordinary Superpowers — the talents and skills that create the most positive difference in your life, the lives of others, and the world around you. When you discover and maximize these powers, you will start a ripple effect of improvement in all aspects of your life, including career, family, community, and more.

This book will help you identify your most powerful natural talents and create a plan to use your powers with intention and purpose. By the way, your most powerful talents may not be what you think they are…

Ordinary Superpowers is the origin story of your new, superpowered life.