How to Spread Magic

I was touched by love and magic this week. From (almost) complete strangers. And I can’t even put into words how much it meant to me.

As I sat down to coffee with Justin and Caleb Bryant from Bryant Brothers Creative, I wasn’t exactly sure what we were going to talk about. They had asked to get together a few times over the past few months and our schedules finally aligned. I had met Justin several years ago and we’ve touched base on social media a handful of times since.

I knew Justin to be a good guy (hadn’t met Caleb yet, but assumed he was, too), so I had a feeling the conversation would be worthwhile and probably focused around business or my book. What happened instead took me by surprise in the very best of ways.

We wanted to meet with you to build you up,” said Justin. Caleb nodded and grinned in agreement.

Then Justin opened the plain white letter envelope that he had been fiddling with since we sat down. Inside were 7 handmade cards, each with a different characteristic that Justin and Caleb had noticed about me.

The cards said things like, “Mark you are Cheerful,” “It’s evident you are Caring,” and “If your middle initial were ‘G” it would stand for Genuine.”

Their intent was to uplift and encourage me by telling me the good things they see in me.

It worked. Like magic.

Because I don’t always see/feel those characteristics in myself. And truthfully, the past few months I haven’t felt particularly cheerful, or caring, or genuine. It was so good to hear that maybe I haven’t lost those characteristics. They’re still there, deep down, even if I don’t always feel like they’re showing.

Part of the magic was the timing for sure. What makes it extra magical is that Justin and Caleb had no idea that our meeting, and those cards, would fall on a day when I really needed the encouragement they packed into that little white envelope. They just wanted to encourage me, and they were going to do it whenever we could get together.

Taking on A Magical Challenge

A week before our meeting, I had read a challenge that said “Your mission today, if you choose to accept it, is to spread love and magic to all whom you meet today.” I loved that challenge so much that I made a screen saver for my phone out of it so I would be reminded every day, every time I look at my phone. However, up until the day of our meeting, I felt like I was totally failing to meet the challenge. I had been waiting for opportunities to spread love and magic, but I wasn’t being presented with any.

Then along come these two dudes who weren’t waiting for the opportunity to fall in their lap, they were proactively seeking to spread love and magic. And it was so simple. A few words of encouragement to someone they didn’t even know needed it.

I’m adopting their approach. I’m trying to encourage someone every day, even when I don’t feel full of encouragement myself. In fact — in the spirit of being as genuine as the Bryant Brothers think I am — while I love telling you this story, I wasn’t really in the mood to write today. But I also knew this message might encourage someone who needs it today, and I hope it inspires a few to proactively look for ways to spread love and magic every day.

Because this world would be a whole lot better with a little more love and magic in it. Don’t you think?

If you’d like the screen saver I made for my phone, here you go. I also made a blank version so you can use the one with words for your lock screen and the blank one for your home screen if you’d like. Just right click on the images to save them to your phone, then load them as wallpaper.

These are sized for an iPhone 7 Plus. Not sure how they work on other size phones, but feel free to give it a try.

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