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What Will You Do In 2016 Just For The Joy Of It?

I saw this video on Facebook over the holidays and it really got me thinking about what, if anything, we do anymore just for the joy of it. If you’ve got six minutes, it’s worth watching, then come back here and read the rest of my post. If you don’t have the extra few minutes right now, that’s ok. Just scroll down and read the rest of the post.

What Will You Create In 2016 Just For The Joy Of It?

Stop Listening To The World

What struck me most about this story is that the hero of the story (the mom) wasn’t trying to go viral or create an internet sensation or start the next big thing. She just wanted to share something wonderful and pure with her daughter.

The world will tell you that you need to make your mark, start a business, or invent the next pet rock (or Beanie Baby or Google or Tesla electric car). You have to “hustle” and fight your way to the top. You have to pursue “greatness” or life is simply not all it can be.

One thing I’ve learned in the last couple of years is that when you get caught up trying to “make it big” you often stop doing the things you love to do just for the joy of doing them. You no longer pursue what expresses who you are and what you love, and instead you end up chasing what will make you the most money, or get the most likes, or build the biggest following.

I’m not against success or even fame and fortune, but I’ve learned those things make much better byproducts than goals.

Now is the time of year when we all think the most about the future. We make plans for the coming year, set goals, and make our resolutions. As you ponder your immediate future, I have just one question for you:


What will you do, participate in, or create in 2016 just for the joy of it?

Drop a comment below. I’m dying to hear your story!

Me? I’ve recently fallen in love with home roasting coffee. To do it well requires a little bit of knowledge and a whole lot of focus and patience. It’s an activity that I completely lose myself in. Plus, there is absolutely no way I can make money at it (nor do I want to), get famous for it, or have any success other than an amazingly delicious cup of coffee. And I’m perfectly happy with that. In fact, as a capitalist entrepreneur, it’s good for me to lose myself in something other than business.


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  1. Debbie Pendell
    Debbie Pendell says:

    Happy New Year, Mark! Interesting story; I loved it! There’s nothing like being lost in whatever brings you joy. As for my 2016, in January, I plan to finish putting together a church Christmas program that has lurked in my head all of December. (The inspiration came in the season, not before.) The rest of the year, I want to put together a curriculum for Family and Consumer Science to be used online or for homeschoolers. I know that sounds like work instead of something that brings joy. But I have been in love with all of the FCS disciplines since I was in seventh grade, including college that’s 10 years of study on the subject. Taking on this project would immerse me in all the things that I love and tend to lose myself in. It would be a labor of love.

  2. Lucy Van Pelt
    Lucy Van Pelt says:

    My “just for the joy of it” activities are playing the saxophone and riding my scooter or motorcycle. Neither activity helps me make money, lose weight, build my client base, or change the world, but they sure are a lot of fun! (And every now and then, they make me feel like a rockstar!)

    But about those dolls–wow! They are simply beautiful! While the girls were playing with them, I kept thinking “that doll likes like her,” much more than Bratz, Barbie, or other toys currently on the market. The dolls are relatable, as if the girls would be friends with the dolls if they were real people. Thanks for posting the video, Mark.

  3. Kristen Harris
    Kristen Harris says:

    Great post, I love that video! I do all sorts of things that have no business value whatsoever. Right now it’s reading fiction, knitting, coloring, learning to draw Zentangles, yoga, cooking…there’s always something new. These things bring me pleasure and enhance my life, but I wouldn’t want to do any of them as a profession. If I was trying to please others I would lose the joy of learning, understanding that mistakes don’t matter, and the pleasure of doing it just for myself.

    • Mark Henson
      Mark Henson says:

      Those are some good activities! I love reading fiction, but I never allow myself to do it (plus I get obsessive and can’t put down a good book until I finish it). I just read a novel this weekend for the first time in a long time.


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