Are You Living a Superpowered Life?

I want you to live a Superpowered Life. That’s why I talk a lot about discovering and maximizing your “Ordinary Superpowers” (even wrote a book about it). I also host retreats and do one-on-one coaching with people on the topic.

I know the word, superpowered, packs a bit of a punch. In fact, it can actually be misleading. You see, many people equate superpowered with “epic” or “legendary”. That’s not what I mean at all. In fact, I believe we should all stop trying to be so epic and legendary. That path only leads to frustration and the fear of missing out.

To me, a Superpowered Life is something different. It’s the life that I want to live. It’s a life where I don’t have to adopt someone else’s standards, or live up to some perfect ideal. I get to write my own description. That’s the beauty of it — we each get to create our own idea of what that kind of life means.

That said, I thought it might be helpful to explain what my definition is. Then you can create your own.

A Superpowered Life is a life where I…

…am the 100% real, authentic me as much as humanly possible.

…frequently use my most powerful strengths (i.e., my Ordinary Superpowers).

…manage my time well.

…stay present in my activities and conversations.

…create and sustain the energy I need to live the life I want to live.

…maintain the best mental, physical, and spiritual health that I’m currently capable of.

…have enough freedom to pursue my passion(s).

…proactively engage in meaningful relationships.

…make a positive difference in the lives of others.

…accept that I’m not perfect at any of this, and that’s OK.

Notice I said a Superpowered Life is where — not when. That’s because I believe it isn’t a point in time to work toward. I believe it’s a place of being that I can step into at any time, including right now.

By design, the points above are guiding principles, not specific actions. The specifics are up to you. Your definition should be custom tailored to you. I’ve provided these principles to help you define for yourself what you want your Superpowered Life to be. Consider it a starting point and modify it as you see fit. Or start from scratch and create a unique definition that fits you completely.

So that’s the idea of Superpowered Life. I’m curious, though, what it means to you. What would you add to this list? Take away? What is YOUR definition?

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  1. Rick White
    Rick White says:


    For me, living a superpowered life is all about kicking fear to the curb so that I can be and become all that I’m supposed to be. It’s about living large, not small. It’s going to my grave proud of what I’ve learned, done, failed, and accomplished.

    Thanks for yet another great post!

    • Mark
      Mark says:

      Thanks, Rick!

      Would love to also hear your definition of “living large”. What, specifically, does that look like for you?

  2. Becky Shultz
    Becky Shultz says:

    Congrats on the book! My yes and build…living with intention, living out your purpose and realizing the joy of doing life together.

    • Mark
      Mark says:

      Thanks, Becky!

      Care to share what you believe your purpose to be? Or how you’re living intentionally right now? Would love to hear it!

  3. Heather
    Heather says:

    I would modify it by *beginning* with focusing on achieving your best spiritual, physical and mental health you can achieve at this time. (I personally believe that mental health is directly tied to feeding your soul only the most sacred ideas and feeding your body only the purest foods so ALL of you can be in a perpetual state of wellness).


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