Two weeks ago I didn’t eat for four days.

Due to circumstances far beyond my control, my stomach just said “If you even think about putting something in here, I will eject it. Violently. And then I will make you dry heave for at least two hours after it’s out.

Of course I tested my stomach’s threat. Turned out my stomach wasn’t kidding.

So I sipped water to keep myself from dying, watched an entire season of SUPERGIRL on Netflix, and slept.

I lost 12 lbs. I do not recommend this weight loss program. And I wouldn’t wish it on my enemies, if I had any.

This wasn’t the first time I’ve been sick and lost a little weight. But typically once my appetite returns, I always go right back to my old eating habits. This time, however, I decided to take a different approach.

I used it as a clean slate (and clean digestive system). I made one simple change. Well, two wrapped into one. I started fixing smaller, healthier meals for myself. Mostly fresh food. And I stopped drinking coffee. That makes three changes, I guess. That coffee one is a biggie, too. I love coffee as much as life itself, but since I somehow bypassed the standard, painful caffeine withdrawl during my time of illness, I decided it was worth a try to live a coffee-free life for awhile. So far, so good. I’m down another couple of pounds and I physically feel a million percent healthier.

I don’t believe every dark cloud has a silver lining. But, some dark clouds do.

Sometimes you can and will eventually make something good out of something bad. Here’s the thing: you can’t see the silver lining when you’re inside the cloud. You might get a glimpse of it as you near the edge, but you never get the full picture until you’re free and clear of the darkness.

If you’re in a dark cloud right now and you’re not sure if/when it will end, hang on a little longer. Dark clouds don’t last forever, and if you’re lucky (and looking for it), you might be able to make something good out of something bad.

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