live big by agit nawalkha

I love books that encourage me to think bigger. I REALLY love books that encourage me to LIVE bigger. So it should be obvious why I’m excited to share this “book review” with you.

But the title alone — Live Big — isn’t the only reason. The rock solid content is only partially why I love this book. The MAIN reason I love this book is because I really dig the author, Ajit Nawalkha. I met Ajit at last year’s Evercoach Summit, an annual gathering of life, business, and other coaches. He is the CEO of a super successful and fast-growing company, a business owner, conference producer, author, and coach. And yet has time to return my emails. Gotta love a guy like that, right?

What resonates with me about Ajit the most, though, is that he lives from abundance. He isn’t generous because he’s successful. He’s successful because he’s generous. He walks the talk. I find that increasingly rare. And completely magnetic.

Anyway, enough about my man-crush on Ajit. Let’s get on to the top ten quotes from his new book, Live Big. Then you can decide for yourself if the content is something that might light you up, too.

The Top 10 Quotes from Live Big

“Your purpose is to live your way into the truest, most alive version of yourself.”

“You must put everything on the line to get what you want, right? Wrong. Incomplete. Overly dramatic. Most importantly — disempowering. If you think you must sacrifice everything, if you are looking to let go of all the joy from your life just because you want to do something amazing for the world, I’m appealing to you now: please don’t put that pressure on the rest of us. Heck, don’t put that pressure on yourself. Yes, we need people who want to change the world, but we don’t need the burden of your destroyed life to get there.”

“You don’t have to be a sad success story. You can be an inspiring, happy one.”

“Knowing why you want what you want will shift the entire game. It will change your perspective about life because why you want what you want is ultimately about how you want to feel.”

“You are the only one who can stop your magical unicorn ideas from dying the sad death of an old tired donkey in the middle of a desert.”

“If you start to give a fuck about what people are saying or whispering or gossiping about you, you’ll start to worry about what you’ve done and what you haven’t done. You’ll worry about what is supposedly right and wrong. You’ll wonder if you are good enough. Smart enough. Inspiring enough. And you’ll usually come up short. Because you’re giving a fuck about what’s going on inside other people’s heads. No one should be giving a fuck about these things. Doesn’t matter if you are an entrepreneur or not. Those are fucks that should not be given. When you care about any of the above, you will start to create a reality that doesn’t mean anything to you. You will start to create a life and business that is not based on your values.”

“You are always in the market of one. one conversation. One conversion. One sale. These “ones” add up over time. These ones become two and three. A hundred. A thousand. Millions. A billion.”

“Almost without exception, success looks a certain way and feels like something else.”

“Most of us imagine that if we provide value in our work, we should get paid — we must get paid. This is a valid argument. But it’s useless when it comes to business. Yes, I know it’s not a fair trade, but you need to get over it. The real deal is that you must give value for free. And then do it again and again and again.”

“I feel there is one element of leadership that has been ignored for too long. A very important element: great leaders lead by not doing much. Great leaders are masterful because they don’t get in the way. They don’t interfere. When you step away from your ego and you release your competitive streak, you become nicer, better, and more effective. When you don’t force your ideas on everyone else, when you don’t force a direction, magical things happen. You team comes together. They come up with amazing ideas. They set the directions, and they are inspired to follow it. They try harder. They do more. And this can only happen when there is no interference and disruption from an egotistical leader who loves hearing his own voice. It seems like a counterintuitive concept for leadership I know, but I can tell you it works.”

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