discovering my superhuman powers

In my core — as in the very center of my soul — lies a never-ending passion and drive to accomplish one thing while I’m alive and conscious on this planet: to discover my superhuman powers. Or, more accurately, to discover my super human powers.

It’s not to run a successful business. Or write best-selling books. Or give applause-worthy speeches. Or conduct life-changing retreats.

It’s not to be a loving, trustworthy, husband, dad, son, and friend.

It’s not even to be generous, kind or to help people in need.

I am called to be one thing and one thing only:

A super human.

Not some demigod with superhuman powers. But a super human with real skills, talents, and abilities.

I believe my only job is to try to be the best me that I can be. To be authentic. To know myself. To keep chipping away the marble, revealing more and more of what’s inside. To keep listening to my inner voice and learning what’s true and important for me and what simply doesn’t matter. This, to me, is being a super human.

I fail spectacularly sometimes. Hell, I failed spectacularly fifteen times in the last week.

But I keep trying. I keep moving forward. Sometimes (many times, if I’m honest) it feels like running through mud. Sometimes, though, it feels as though I’m snowboarding on a foot of fresh powder. As though nothing can stop me. As if I’m floating, but totally in control. As if I’m finally on the right path for me.

I feel that way most often when I’m engaging MY most superhuman powers (I call them Ordinary Superpowers) — when I get to explore something or someplace new, or write and share an idea, or figure out how to simplify something and make it easier for everyone involved. Those are the times I feel most alive.

When I do those things, I’m as close to being a super human as I get.

Discover our super human powers, not superhuman powers, is the key to becoming a super human.

Here’s what’s really interesting: engaging my superpowers the absolute best way for me to do all of the things I mentioned at the beginning of this post (running a successful business, being a loving dad, helping people in need, etc.). When I engage my superpowers in pursuit of the things that are important to me, I produce my best results and I have the most fun as a business owner, husband, dad, friend, and plain ol’ human being.

Imagine that — when I’m being the most authentic me, I get the best results and I have the most fun.

Did I mention how hard it can be, too? Being the most authentic me requires taking off all the masks I’ve worn for years. It means letting go of a million ways I’ve cluttered up my life. Most of all it means being honest and truthful with myself and the people around me, and facing the fear that they won’t like or understand everything about the “real me.”

The irony is that they don’t like or understand everything about the “false me” that I walk around pretending to be, either. So, I might as well be as true to myself as I can be.

As hard as it can be to work on this, I believe it’s harder NOT to work on it. All those masks and clutter and fears are heavy and exhausting, but I never realized heavy they were until I started to set them down and leave them behind.

Photo by Zbysiu Rodak on Unsplash

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