It’s the week before Christmas
and all through the office
everyone is either cramming to get work done
or getting really, really good at Candy Crush.

That’s why I made my post extra special with TWO neato things to share:

Neato Thing #1

Last week was my birthday and all I asked for was for y’all to ask me a question, any question. And you did! And it was fun! Some of the questions made me laugh, some made me reflect, and some made me think a long time before responding. There were questions about my book, walking a marathon, what inspires me, who I admire the most, and a lot more.

I promised I’d share the questions (and answers) this week, so here you go. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

CLICK HERE to read the questions & answers.

By the way, if you didn’t ask a question you still can. Just add your own at the end of the comments.

Neato Thing #2

Last week I started playing around with Facebook’s new “Facebook Live” feature.  I had so much fun I decided to launch a weekly live broadcast that I’m calling SUPERPOWER SUNDAY! Each Sunday I will be on Facebook Live sharing ideas about how to discover and maximize your superpowers.

Last Sunday I sat in front of my phone talking to a whopping audience of at least 3 people. By the end of the week, though, over 600 people had watched the replay (that’s decent, right?). If you’re on Facebook on Sundays — and I know you are — watch for my SUPERPOWER SUNDAY live broadcasts between noon & 1pm.

Just in case you missed the first two episodes, here they are! So, technically, this is Neato Thing #2 and Neato Thing #3.

By the way, if we’re not friends on Facebook, why aren’t we? We totally should be.

One more thing: Merry Christmas! And if Christmas isn’t your thing, have a great weekend this weekend anyway.

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